Time Rescue: Time Travel University Book One (Volume 1)


Fascinating travel through time with a thrilling quest.

‘Time Rescue:Time Travel University Book 1’ by author Tedric Garrison takes his readers on a plot of fascinating travel through time where a time travel university has chosen certain youngsters based on their mysterious potentials to be time travelers. Bound by partnership are Peter Archer and Faith who are sure to enjoy their unique journey with new rules and at the same time will learn to trust each others instincts in order to survive the challenging hurdles that may even come up as close to claiming their lives.
Author Tedric Garrison’s book is well plotted novel that moves at a breakneck pace and is artistically combined with a writing style that provides highly well imagined, vivid mental pictures of the characters and settings through time travel without being overly tedious as the story unfolds into an intriguing thriller.
‘Time Rescue: Time Travel University’ is an engrossing read which successfully sets its unique place in the genre of time travel- sci-fi portraying a fresh perspective of the author in his chosen subject for his story line.
Young characters deeply embedded in a spellbinding world of adventure that is well balanced with technology and science makes ‘Time Rescue: Time Travel University’ a page turner that is highly recommended to make a perfect addition to ones treasured sci-fi collection.

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