A Passing Phase


A must read with a different, strong subject- Gay fiction

‘A Phasing Phase’ by J. Paul Devlin is a struggle story of a high school senior young boy ‘Nate Whitby’ who is attracted to appealing guys and also had sex with some of them but Nate is desperate to prove himself ‘a normal straight guy’ rather than being a ‘gay’. He keeps denying his guy to guy attraction and considers it to be a normal passing phase for all youngsters. Nates growing fear of non-acceptance of being a homosexual from family, friend and society pushes him towards the struggles to conquer huddles of a passing phase.
‘A Phasing Phase’ is definitely one of the most entertaining book touching a sensitive issue of being a gay in our society and their acceptance. With a strong story line, readers get a perfect look into the life of those who really go through this phase and their state of mind fears and emotions to prove themselves so called ‘normal’- just a man and a woman.
Author J. Paul Devlin has wonderfully touched one of the most sensitive and thought provoking topic of our society i.e being a ‘gay’. ‘A Passing Phase’ is not only and eye opener but also a captivating read with some of the most life like characters which make it easy for readers to connect with.
I would love to highly recommend this mesmerising knowledgeable, entertaining read to young and mature readers. This book is sure to make a perfect vacation read no one can regret.

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