A fascinating paranormal read

‘Jeiklee’ is one of the best, fast paced entertaining paranormal novel with a great work of flawless talent adding another feather in the cap of author Makala Thomas.
This novel takes its readers on an adventurous journey of a young teenager Jeiklee who has always been clue less and astonished at his possessions of magical powers which left him aloof from the normal world. Jeiklee discovers answers to his mysterious life soon after meeting a spirit McKenzie from a supernatural world of ‘Severna’ who keeps convincing Jeiklee that he belongs to another world-supernatural, full of magic and fantasy and is the son of the count and the countess.
Novel ‘Jeiklee’ hooks its readers and captivates them from the very first page till the end reveling a very well plotted story line with a well imagined, visualistic glimpse of the magical world of ‘Severna’, its inhabitants and its undiscovered story of love, life, surprises and relationships.The characters of this amazing novel play an important role in making it easy for readers to connect with by realistic dialog and expressions.
I would highly recommend ‘Jeiklee’ by author Makala Thomas to all paranormal read lovers. just read and enjoy the twists and turns with a perfect blend of fantasy, emotions and magic woven into a mesmerizing tale.

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