Angel of Song (Master of Illusion Book 3)


Walking through history with a gripping fiction.

From the times into the Halcyon Era ‘Angelique de Villefontaine’ has been under the protective shield of the most loving and caring guardian ‘The Marquis du Bois’ till she grows into a young beautiful talented soprano debutante who is unaware of the dangers around herself and still deserves to be guarded. ‘Angel of Song’ is a romance fiction intermingling smoothly with war times giving its readers a look through France in the times of great war where author Anne Rouen smartly brings in her characters with their roles and effects during horrors of war.
This novel is a well thought out diction exhibiting authors deep knowledge over history and region. Usage of french in the conversation between characters adds flares to the story plot giving it a very naturalistic touch.
Though this novel is book 3 in the series of Master of Illusion but still it can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone book since the author leaves no stones unturned in keeping the plot fresh, fast paced and entertaining.
Those looking for a classical historical romance, ‘Angel of Song’ is sure to give them a breath-taking walk through history with a gripping fiction. Highly recommended to all history lovers.

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