Beyond The Rainbow’s End


‘Variety is spice of life’

‘Beyond The Rainbow’s End’ is an entertaining collection of five short stories artistically crafted with different genres beautifully woven with different emotions of characters and their journey through life.
This captivating book has something to read and indulge in for everyone. ‘The Morris Winthrope Reports’ is a journalists take on different celebrities and their behavior.
‘A Digital Immortality’ is about scientist Dr. Ingram and his experiments carried out into the human brain after designing of a computer program emulating the human brain.
‘The Brunch Brats’ pulls its readers to the table of socializing expats and their married life conversations’. The next story ‘Opposite Direction’ tells us about travelers on board of a minibus facing delay to their destination due to the direction taken by their driver, where as ‘The Secrets We Hide’ is a journey through Harriet’s life, exposing her long kept secret.
It is very talented of author James Pitter to describe events of each story in a gripping narration with great finesse, showcasing his mastery over language and its nuances. ‘Beyond The Rainbow’s End’ is definitely one of the most intriguing reads, perfect for a relaxed vacation. Highly recommended to all those looking for mystery, science, humor, secrets and different flavors of life in one good read because variety is spice of life!

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