Enaya: Solace of Time


Spellbinding tale of power, magic, kingdom, evil and good.

‘Solace of time’ is one of the most intriguing and spellbinding fantasy read which possesses the power of drawing one in from the very first chapter where we come across Nile Whitman a young man living in the kingdom of woodlands who will further take his readers down the corridors of adventure when he unknowingly with his friend Leo discovers an ancient artifact ‘Enaya’ a gem which has the power to transport people through times. This magical gem is sure to change Nile’s life forever bringing in the wars and creatures he once heard about from his father in the childhood stories.
Author Justin C. Trout has wonderfully crafted his novel with wild and bold imagination painting visuals of war, kingdom, magic and unique creatures, thoroughly gripping and entertaining his readers and keeping them at the edge of their seats, waiting with anticipation for whats to come next curiously.
‘Solace of Time’ is a well thought out master piece of fiction paving way for more to come in this series. Watching this novel made into a movie will definitely be a pleasurable act.
I would highly recommend this well written captivating novel to all epic fantasy lovers. I can bet there is a lot to discover about Nile and his bone-chilling adventure which will keep you busy and entertained for hours. Its a must read!

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