A Second Chance (The Belanger Creek Ranch Series Book 4)


A mother’s instinct!

It was amazing to see how author Gloria Antypowich brought out ‘a mothers’ emotion of losing her son and protecting him from the upcoming dangers and fears of her past, in her book ‘A Second Chance ( The Belanger Creek Ranch Series Book 4)’.
Author Gloria Antypowich artistically crafts her character of Sarah Brite- a mother of ten year old boy ‘Taylor’, whom she has been protecting from his abusive and violent father by running away from his reach until she moves to the security of Belanger Creek Ranch where she finds the comfort of ‘family bond’ with her co-workers but her relaxed life is short-lived giving her protective instinct a wake up call when her son Taylor starts to develop a special bond of relation towards a handsome and friendly guy on the ranch ‘Grayson Mc Naughton’.
Will life give Sarah Brite a second chance for a start of trust worthy relation with Grayson or will Grayson’s revealing the secret of his past shatter Sarah’s comfort level and provoke her fear to make her run away with Taylor from Belanger creek? Author Gloria gives answer to these questions in her novel which is an intriguing tale of fear, secrets, relationships and trust putting her readers under the skin of her characters as the novel unfolds interestingly throwing twists and turns chapter by chapter.
‘A Second Chance’ is definitely a very gripping read recommended for a lovely relaxed vacation.

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