Chains of Deception (Peace In The Storm Publishing Presents)


fatal attraction!!,

‘Chains of Deception’ is a wonderful book about a women ‘Renee’ who is married to ‘Gray’ for five years but she falls for a new co worker Stephen Morretti the moment he is introduced in an office meeting. Renee falls under spell of Stephens extremely charismatic good looks and appealing personality that she cant get her mind off him and secretly wants relation with him in spite of having a happy married life with her husband she decides to cheat on him.
I loved the character of Renee’s husband ‘Gray’, he was such a caring and loving man, he gave Renee all the space she needed in life whether it was emotional or physical.
Writer has done a perfectly wonderful job of writing this book, all the characters are so well described that the moment we read about them we feel connected. The book built my interest till the last page because of its so realistic kind of story line and characters. Certain parts in between are written as a diary entry by Renee giving the book a natural touch of emotions and made me feel as though i was getting a peep into Renee’s mind and life.
Writer Jacqueline has also touched a very important issue of child abuse linking it with Renee’s past.
I cant stop praising this book! Its an excellent read and i dedicate this book to all esp. to happily married couples and advice them to always love and respect their life partners and never betray them in any manner. Highly recommended and a must read!!

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