Red Days

A read sure to enlighten & evoke concern.

Meticulously examined and researched ‘Red Days’ is a poignantly yet brilliantly narrated fiction based on true events that expose the horrific dolphin drive hunts hosted in the coastal village of Taiji, Japan.

Weaving an intriguing tale with overflowing imaginative conceits to seek attention of mankind in the direction of cruel slaughter of the intelligent mammals in the name of cultural tradition, author M.L. Sparrow pens down a glistering, well plotted tale of a young London born journalist Keiko who is tasked with a captivating assignment for the article based on the events portrayed in the movie ‘The Cove’. To gather authentic details and information on the Taiji dolphin slaughter scoop, Keiko heads to Japan and is deeply shaken up by the dreadful scenario that is thought provoking and compels her to enlighten the world about the barbaric torture towards thousands of dolphins annually.

Author M.L. Sparrow’s passion for her subject of animal cruelty and social consciousness is evident through her masterful read that is sure to evoke concern in readers with a heart for animals and activists like wise. ‘Red Days’ is a 5 star read that is a definite must read!

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