Fathering The Fatherless: deals with Fatherlessness and how fathers are to be

A read with evident social consciousness & incisive thinking.

‘Fathering the Fatherless’ is a profound exploration of a life of a father, his role in the lives of his children, tempering the harsh realities shaping them physically, mentally and spiritually that is both deeply moving and satisfying.

Author Todd Richard Johnson reconstructs his own past, of being a child, growing up without a father or fatherly guidance by demonstrating his personal experience and deep knowledge of children’s thought processes that can make or break ones life and moral after living a fatherless childhood.

With keen, practical observation and statistics from Department of Health and Human Services, author Todd’s book ‘Fathering the Fatherless’ contains strategies embedded with biblical scriptures and proven guidance on how men or fathers are to take control over their lives in order to provide a healthier mind, body and spirit to their children for a better present and future.

Highly persuasive, mingled with wisdom that is gained only by time and experience ‘Fathering the Fatherless’ is a heartfelt insight into the duties of a great father that is inspiring. For the evident social consciousness, purity and incisive thinking this book is highly recommended to those who wish to be a role model father to their children. 4/5 Stars!

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