Fox In the City

Original premise with dramatic plot twists.

Intelligent and entertaining with a perfect blend of highly original premise and dramatic plot twists, ‘Fox in The City’ is an incisive, thoughtful tale of exploration of ties that bind the fluidity of friendship, love and relationships.

Navigating the complexities of nature and life in the wild, a young fox-Tom is captured by an evil witch named Azora who lures him with a promise to a fruitful future, away from the harsh animal life by transforming him into a human; but she crafts her wicked intentions woven into dreadful conditions that has to be fulfilled by Tom in order to live his dream peacefully ever after.

With a cast of diverse characters through absurd situations, author Daniel Cabrera seamlessly blends supernatural world building that is fast paced and engrossing. ‘Fox in The City’ is a triumphant story of a fox fighting and coming to terms with the challenges of destiny, that will leave readers speculating and wanting more. Those who enjoy a mix of fantasy, adventure and unpredictable story line with originality are recommended to go for author Daniel Cabrera masterpiece. 5/5 stars.

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