The Inhibited


Highly imaginative and well thought out

‘The Inhibited’ is an enthralling read showcasing the authors unique talent of weaving his thoughts into a well imagined and impressive story line that paints the world and struggles of characters vividly by plotting a dystopian novel based in future of 2042 where a ‘Shaper’ named declan strives to find answers to the present of human kind based on the decision made in past (year 2016) by the government on legalization of recreational drugs.
With numerous characters being complex, author Jay Saph does a remarkable job at bringing each one to life by developing and delivering a wild ride of unexpected twists and intriguing mystery that is packed with palpable trepidation.
I was genuinely impressed with the strong narrative demonstrated by author and think it flowed smoothly building a stunning conclusion. ‘The Inhibited’ is a fast paced novel that has the capability to whisk readers immediately into a highly imaginative and well thought out fiction. I would recommend young and mature readers to engage themselves in author Jay Saph’s creativity and relate to the upcoming future by this dystopian read. Its a must read.

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