NEA – Dawn of an Era


A book with a diverse appeal.

‘NEA – Dawn of an Era’ is a thrilling quest of discernment where author Georgio Konstandi skillfully manages to create a well balance plot of politics and romance embedded into a not so distant future of Greece.
Fiction becomes believable and engaging in this poignant tale when the peace of the village of Assiras is turned into chaos as the rebel force of million Greekmen in the form of NEA sweeps through North forcing many inhabitants and a young girl Sophia Lliadi to take refuge elsewhere.
The plot moves at a breakneck pace and is combined with a writing style that provides vivid mental pictures of the setting and numerous complex characters that are remarkably brought to life by author Georgio Konstandi.
‘NEA – Dawn of an Era’ is definitely a perfect weave of well paced action, romance and surprise that is sure to pave way for more to come in the series by the author.
Those searching for a head strong female character artistically placed into an intriguing political read, author Georgio Konstandi is sure to amaze them with his well thought out creativity. ‘NEA – Dawn of an Era’ is a book with diverse appeal, highly recommended to all those interested in the genre of fiction with reads based on politics.

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