Thistle Dew


A poignant yet triumphant tale.

‘Thistle Dew’ is an amusingly spellbinding narration of a passionate animal lover, horse trainer Meredith McBride whose dysfunctional family and abusive mother has played an important role in shaping up her low self esteem personality. Meredith’s passion for horses brings her to Teton valley and intertwines her destiny with a commercial airline pilot Blake. Tragic death of husband Blake by plane crash into the East China sea leaves Meredith shattered and grieving.

Author Mary C. Allen manages to evoke emotional attachment for her protagonist Meredith McBride and proves herself worthy of penning down an engrossing tale with her impressive illustration that is manipulative beyond measures in portraying a character of a female who is strong, admirable and inspiring.

‘Thistle Dew’ is a triumphant tale of a women fighting the odds of her poignant life to overcome terrible adversity. Mingled with immaculate style of narration and mastery over the language and its nuances, author Mary Allen’s novel has a with universal appeal. Readers coping with their own loses will definitely find authors story intriguing and appealing. Its a must read.

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