The Darkness of My Shattered Heart


A Treasured read, close to heart

Author Elizabeth Jordan should be honored and looked up-to for her courage and ability to live as a fighter amidst turmoils and hardships thrown by destiny in her pathways of life.
‘The Darkness of my shattered heart’ is a heart wrenching yet inspiring memoir of author Elizabeth Jordan where she has captured some of the most depressing moments of loss and pain in her life. Author Elizabeth’s memoir has created a special bond of respect and love in my heart towards her, and brought outbursts of emotions in me when I learnt how she suffered with the grief of losing her boyfriend at a very young age of 16 and when things were getting back to normal death of ‘Celeb’ made it really difficult for me to fight back my tears.
It was very thoughtful of author to write her memoir in a very natural and gripping style dividing this touching read into two parts, first half- the true incidents experienced by author and the other half- is a compilation of some of the most meaningful and motivational poems poured on paper by a suffered soul.
I am sure author Elizabeth is the chosen one by god for her inner strength and abilities to cope up with the negativity and yet to stand strong as an inspiration for other suffering beings. ‘The darkness of my shattered heart’ is truly a treasured read I will hold close to my heart for its reality and courage.
I highly recommend this book to one and all.

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