Why Not? Conquering The Road Less Traveled


A motivating read!

‘Why Not? Conquering The Road Less Traveled‘ is an engaging and motivating memoir of author John Brown who suffered from cerebral palsy by birth ( a form of paralysis believed to be caused by a prenatal brain defect or by brain injury during at birth, characterized by difficulty in control of the voluntary muscles).
The novel takes its readers through the life journey of author John Brown from the very beginning of his childhood till his retirement. Though John Brown suffered from cerebral palsy his family and few friends always treated him as ‘normal’ as they were. He was always encouraged to live a regular life and do things by his parents, especially his mother who did not leave any stone unturned in providing all the possible and best medical treatment to John to get rid of his disability, but life brings its own share of challenges for John as he moves step by step further through his growing up years; ultimately John Brown finds a perfect life partner Donna Brown who proves to be his better half and shares her life with John in his fight and emerges a winner through easy and tough moments of life, bringing out a strong and lovely person today John Brown is.
Novel ‘Why Not? Conquering The Road Less Traveled’ is a perfect inspirational and motivating read to all and esp. to youngsters who even though are blessed with everything in life but get desperate, depressed and disturbed by simple challenges brought by life in their way. John Brown sets a perfect example for all by weaving his emotional and real life experiences with captivating style of writing memoir and sharing some of his pictures in the book which is sure to keep his readers glued to the book till the very last page. Highly recommended, its a must read!

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