Quicksand Paradise


A glimpse of the ‘dark era’

Author Mary Keith’s novel ‘Quicksand Paradise’ takes its readers on a journey in the year of 1925 where Louis Abellard is 17 years old young, arrogant, rich, spoiled brat of a Southern American family of the Prohibition Era who are a part of the cruel ‘Ku Klu Klan Members’. As Louis Abellard grows up, his interest in booze, women and cars grows with him. His cruel and ‘devilish’ desires get airs when his father ‘Vincent’ expires passing down his wealth of ‘Chateau de Abellard’ and business of export and import to Louis Abellard. Further in the novel Louis is convinced and married and has a son ‘Charles’ but nothing changes the evil character of Louis for good.
Quicksand Paradise\ is a very different novel where our main character ‘Louis Abellard’ is not the usual hero types but to the contrast a terrible, bully and a womanizer through whom author Mary Keith has tried to show her readers the realities that existed in the dark era of 1950-60s in Louisiana and prove to us that life is not always a bed of roses.
I would highly recommend this book to all esp. those interested in historical events of the world and to also those who are willing to accept the realities faced by innocent victims of the past who faced devils like Louis! Its a must read.

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