Because of You


An interesting wonderful read!!

‘Because of You’ is absolutely a wonderful sensually , romantic novel based on two main characters Riley Hmilton -18 years old young attractive girl, whose been with her mother from childhood till 16, when her father walks out. Riley had a very bitter, namesake relationship with her mom, until one day her father calls her to move to south Carolina at the age of 18 for collage.
and Hunter Davis 21 years old young, handsome, flirtious guy( fantasy of every woman) is a life guard on one of south Carolina’s most popular beaches. The novel brings together these youngsters and they fall in for each other the moment they see each other.
For most of the book, writer Connie Lafortune has used 3rd persons omniscient POV (point of view). This is basically the all knowing all seeing narrator which allows the readers to know what’s going on inside several characters head.
However, when it comes to telling the story from the main character’s POV, she slipped quite purposely into two main characters POV. This way of narration has made the novel extremely interesting and realistic.
I don’t want to spoil the story for readers by revealing much about the story except to say that if you really like a good romantic novel, this book is probably for you. It kept me glued! Superbly woven to keep you turning the pages and absorbed right till the end. A must read!!

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