The Celibate Mouse


An excellent crime fiction!!

Detective senior sergeant Susan Prescott plans to house sit for relatives in a rural community but is taken aback by witnessing a very public murder within hours of her arrival and is totally shattered. Her encounter with an elderly lady turns thing completely upside down. A hint of a long ago murder is not a secret with which Susan wants to be entrusted. She is drawn inexorably into the investigation surrounded by menacing strangers whose private agendas threaten her life and safety. Writer Diana Hockley has done a fantastic job of creating a unique voice for each character.
This novel is an enjoyable read filled with suspense, mystery and crime fiction. The characters are well drawn and well woven.
The story line is very well thought out and well plotted keeping its readers guessing and turning pages right up until very end.
I would definitely recommend this book to all and esp. to those who enjoy suspense and crime fiction!!

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