Trusting Love


An entertaining story!!!

This novel is a very wonderful story of a women Chole Wilder who is expecting a baby but cannot put up with her abusive boyfriend Tony and runs away from home in search for a better future for her child. She is found by a cop ‘Jayden Peterson’ in her car in Arden, Maine. They both feel connected and have more then friendship to their relationship.
The writer Emma Leigh Reed has made her novel very interesting by dealing with a very common issue of women being abused and battered physically or mentally in some way or the other. It is an eye opener to the abused women’s feeling of insecurity, fear and low self esteem experiences.
The novel is short with a very strong story line with a feel of very realistic characters which keep readers wondering and wanting for knowing more.
Once you start to reading this story, you can’t put it down until you have finished it.I would recommend this book to all, esp. women to read and come up strong in any situation.

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