Letting Go: A Novel

Life’s paradox well depicted.

A Women’s fiction smartly balanced with elements like romance, social consciousness and other distillations of life, ‘Letting Go’ is a well rounded, multilayered modern day parable by author Maria Corley.

Ignorance and abuse are brought to light as are the healing powers of care, respect and love when author unfolds her ambiguous tale through Cecile and Langston who are beautifully portrayed reflections of their own lives, casting a clear picture of the challenges young people face when self identity clashes with parental, religious, social and cultural expectations.

Giving out anecdotes of her characters long distance love struggle, author Maria Corley supplies her own visual accompaniments that compliment the dramatic plot and is thought provoking, incisive and modulated with immaculate style of narration. Poignant yet optimistic, it is life’s paradox well depicted through the characters of ‘Letting Go’ that is bound to appeal and enchant readers and fans of the genre. This is a superbly crafted heartfelt tale, highly worthy of recommendation.

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