Missing Pieces


Author definitely has a firm hold over his subject.

From the sensitive, reality based harsh subject of child abuse, author Michael Golvach carves a master piece of contemporary romance fiction, capable of absorbing the readers from the very cover page and putting them under the skin of his characters.
‘Missing Pieces’ is an insight into the sad, shattered life of Mandi Wexler, who has lived all her childhood suffering abuses. Finding no answers to her unreasonable suffering and exploitation, she learns to accept her fate, crushing her innocence and emotions, left with dark incurable impacts on her soul until a real charmer Michael Skyler is drawn towards her from the very first sight. He is destined to show Mandi her worth by his unconditional love and care- she has been desiring all her life.
Author Michael definitely has a very firm hold over his subject and story line as he skillfully brings out the heart wrenching, outburst of emotions in his readers through his life-like characters.
I was genuinely impressed by the intriguing narration and engrossing dialogue as the novel flowed very well, giving the story a satisfactory end. The novel ‘Missing Pieces’ sure is worth reading and is highly recommended to all those who are looking for a strong story line in the genre of child abuse and contemporary romance.

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