A STRANGE BEGINNING: A Biographical Novel (The BYRON Series Book 1)


A biographical reality more appealing than fiction.

I kept growing up with George Gordon or Lord Byron, at the turn of every page as author Gretta Curran enriched my knowledge and curiosity with her biographical novel.
Author Curran has showcased her talent of writing a well thought and well researched read by capturing the very basic moments, emotional outbursts and events in life of Lord Byron, weaving into an engrossing tale of life struggle through a disturbing and troubled childhood growing into a mature, respected and renowned man. A sad, heart wrenching past of mother Catherine Gordon provides an insight through multidimensional characteristics of her character, which was hard to believe and accept but was justified as the narration takes a stroll down the lane of her history revealing her own sad, cruel and fake relationship with her husband.
It was very inspiring to learn and look upon Lord Byron, whose ‘not so perfect life’ carved out a wonderful personality making this novel a spellbinding page turner.
‘A Strange Beginning’ is definitely a novel which can’t be appreciated and described for its sheer beauty by mere words. Highly recommended to all history lovers. Those who find fictional read captivating this biographical reality is more appealing than fiction and worth reading!

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