The Link: The Betrayal


Balancing the darkness of betrayal with the bond of family love.

Author Makala Thomas has been very thoughtful with her book 5 in The Link Series to give a brief description and introduction of the main characters of her previous book brought back in ‘The Link- The Betrayal’, to make this read an enjoyable one, ready to face new adventure with Colette and her family.
As celebrity Colette and her family is over their troublesome past and things seem to be going well, they share and cherish loving moments together enjoying each others company, Maurice Blackwell (a character from the past) decides to show up in Colette’s life with his evil obsession (to get Colette) driving him insane. This fantasy fiction gets entertaining and engrossing with the turn of every page when life challenges Colette to reveal her magical powers, shocking her own daughter Rudisha.
Author Makala Thomas definitely rules over her readers mind with her unique style of writing which is smartly woven with youthful narration plotted maturely with a fresh, thought out story line. Balancing the darkness of betrayal and bond of family love was a really artistic way of Makala to handle this fantasy thriller.
Certainly deserving a place on your bookshelf, ‘The Link-The Betrayal’ is a perfect stand alone read strongly recommended.

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