The Duck Springs Affair


An affair with a twist..

Author John Isaacs ‘The Duck Springs Affair’ is definitely a relaxing and enjoyable feast to relax one’s mind after a busy day.
This easy going, fast paced and mesmerizing novel gives its readers a look into the times of 1960’s where a simple country side house wife, mother of a sickly child ‘Cassie Mae’ living in the town of Georgia meets a handsome- hard working construction worker ‘Paul Hamilton’ and they fall passionately for each other in the search of love crossing and challenging all the bounds and limits of life.
Wonderful description of the nature and livelihood of Georgia’s fields, farms and forest was well woven with the emotional heart warming ups and downs faced by Cassie and Paul in the progress of their love and departure. The novel was filled with seductive romance, crafting a perfect imaginary visuals in the reader’s mind to feel and be captivated for chapters to come one by one till the very last page.
Last but not the least Author John Issac ends his seductive and romance filled affair novel in a very surprising way leaving all his readers shocked and entertained.
I would highly recommend this entertaining read to all and esp. to those interested in the genre of romance with a twist!

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