The Link: Colette’s Beginning


A life changing beginning…

The Link: Colette’s Beginning by Author Makala Thomas is definitely a beginning of sorrow, joy, relationships, discoveries and mysteries in the life of a nine year old sweet little, pretty girl ‘Colette’ who has all -a wonderful, love filled life of a child, living in her dream world of princess fantasy until one day when her life is shattered and changed fully after her visit to a meadow with her friends at night where a child’s play of taking dare turns out to be a regret for life time.
Well paced and well plotted ‘Colette’s Beginning’ is a perfect piece of family drama mesmerizing its readers with a perfect weave of entertainment and emotions, strong enough to give the feel of living under the characters skin.
This novel is definitely an excellent work of talent and new concept- based writing by Author Makala Thomas giving a wider horizon for imagination to young and mature readers who are always on a look out for something fresh and different to read. ‘Colette’s Beginning’ is definitely a highly recommended read!

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