How to Train Your Knight: A Medieval Romance Novel

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Love conquers it all!

Author Stella Marie’s debut novel ‘How To Train Your Knight’ definitely comes as a refreshing and relaxing feast to the minds of readers who are to explore a well plotted story based on the genre of romance during the Medieval Era of England in 1276 where Lady Ann, a widow is forced by the King into an arrange marriage with a Knight Marcus Blackwell also known as ‘The Beast’.
Author Stella Marie gives her readers a well described visual glimpse into the Medieval times, strong enough to keep one connected with her characters who are larger than life. Love, romance and trust out of forced arrange marriage is no rocket science, this was hence proved by Ann’s life adventure. The budding, well paced romance and out burst of emotions is sure to take Ann and her Knight through a long way to discover what comes their way from the odds of life.
Author Stella Marie’s ‘How To Train Your Knight’ is a perfect weave of History and romance and is highly recommended to all, those who are interested in the genre of romance with a twist!

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