The Only One (A Dennison Property Story Book 1)


Mesmerising read!!

‘The Only One’ is one of the most mesmerising- irresistible debut novel by J.F Holland where readers will be absorbed and captivated by a heart throbbing story of a young girl Kitty Phillips, who has just been ditched by her boyfriend ‘Lance’. Heart broken and shattered, Kitty falls at the mercy of her extremely handsome, attractive, appealing but casanova-type boss ‘Blake Dennison’ who discovers the real- beautiful Kitty hiding under ‘professional-personal assistant image’. Author J..F Holland takes her readers on an extremely engaging journey of Kitty and Blake’s love affair where Blake leaves no stones unturned to prove his ‘womanizer’ image wrong to Kitty and convinces her that he is Mr. right and not a player like she had come across in her past.
This novel is simply a perfect work of talent by Author J. F. Holland where story flows smoothly like water giving each little detail of the story so beautifully as though creating flawless- imaginary visual in the readers mind like watching a sensual and entertaining movie.
There were times in the story where my heart jumped and kept throbbing hard in my chest while coming across the emotions felt by Kitty.
I simply loved this book and never ever wanted it to end, so I would love to highly recommend readers with interest in the genre of romance to not miss a chance of reading such a flaw less addicting and absorbing book. I bet you wont regret picking ‘The Only One’!

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