All These Are My Tears: Volume Four of the Canvas Sextet


Addicting- captivating read!!

Author Miles White is bet to entertain his readers to the fullest and best of his abilities by his wonderful addicting short stories compiled in his book ‘All These Are My Tears.’
This book is said to be a ‘Fifty,three- minute stories’ read and I guarantee it is with a perfect blend of storyline, characters, emotions and entertainment.Though each story is limited to a single page read, it connects and captivates the readers with its characters and gives a perfect outline of the story plot.
Author Miles White has done an awesome job by leaving no flaws in his writing, at times leaving the readers guessing and wanting to know more and further happenings in the story.
I would love to request the author to please shower his talent of writing by writing bigger and long stories for his readers, as we find these short stories so interesting that we are looking forward for knowing more and further about characters and the stories.
‘All These Are My Tears’ is a perfect book for those who find it difficult to read long and stretchy novels and are always looking for a different and interesting book with a variety.
I would highly recommend this book to all and esp. to young and adventurous readers to read and to keep their mind boggling by what’s to come next! This book is also sure to make a perfect travel read. Its a must read!

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