The Cry of our Children: Poems by Ruth Andrews Garnes


The ultimate collection of emotions.

‘The Cry of our Children’ is simply a marvellous collection of poems, full of emotions and feelings in one book by poet Ruth Andrews.
Though writer has dedicated her book to motherhood and child- mother relation, this book has poem for all, and each poem is sure to touch the strings of heart equally for anyone who reads them.
Poet Ruth Andrews ‘The Cry of our Children’ is a perfect weave of realistic,emotional thoughts and experiences on paper in simply, straightforward language making easy for readers to enjoy and connect with short, multi-genre topics in the book.
Though the book has more than 60 poems, some of my personal favourites were ‘Without Border’, ‘The Cry of our Children’, ‘King Solomon’s Beauty’, ‘Loved my Body’, ‘Women in the Mirror’, ‘Color Me’, ‘Healing Touch’, and many others.
I would highly recommend this lovely book to all, esp. to youngsters because this book is simple and in easy language( different from complicated, lengthy, traditional poems) and has a poem for all moods, situations and different phases of life, and for sure this book can be read in one go without much hassle to understand and figure out the feel and idea behind each poem!

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