Conner’s Odyssey (Discovery Book 1)


Mysterious journey to the unknown destination…

‘Conner’s Odyssey’ is a great work of talent, weaving an interesting storyline with adventure and mystery which is sure to keep its readers engaged and connected for hours at a stretch.
Conner’s world is turned upside down when all of a sudden his parents make a decision of moving from Santa Ana California to a small Montana town. Shattered and heart broken Conner leaves his childhood friend Chris and memories behind him and discovers a whole new mysterious world while exploring the pathway beyond trees in the forests.
Conner’s journey to this unknown destination keeps his readers wanting for more and to look forward for the Author’s next book in this series. Wonderful description of life and characters in another mysterious world gives an excellent visual;challenging the heights of imagination in each reader.
I Highly recommend this book to all and esp. to those who love fairy tale like fantasy with strong storyline and well developed characters, shall never regret picking this novel and giving it a try.Its a must read!

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