Easy-Happy-Sexy: On the Twelfth Day


An engaging tribal read!

‘Easy-Happy-Sexy: On the Twelfth Day’ by author Linden Thorp is a very different and unusual fictional-fantasy read where readers are to witness a life story of an Aboriginal tribal leader ‘Ninija’ whose son Ginger has fallen to the mercy of drugs and alcohol addiction. Ninija’s life is ruled by a crafty white -fella ghost ‘Lumaluma’ who doesn’t leave any stone unturned in distracting Ninija from fulfilling her duties and preparing for the sacred burial ceremonies of Ginger. Will Ninija ever defeat and overcome the distractions caused by Lumaluma, this mystery makes the novel an engaging read forcing readers to sit back and finish the book in a go.
Author Linder Thorp has given a wonderful captivating description of tribal life style, desert and tribal rituals and morals using her own personal experiences of staying with the Aboriginal tribes giving the book a realistic imaginary visual for readers to feel and connect with the strong story plot.
Those who believe and are interested in fantasy and imaginary characters such as spirits and ghosts, this book is sure to take them through a long way, also I would highly recommend this book to all and esp. to those who love adventure and exploring and learning more about tribals and their lifestyle. Its a wonderful read.

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