The Second Time Around (Belanger Creek Ranch Book 1)


Life is all about taking chances.

With an extremely attractive girl smiling on the cover page ‘The Second Time Around (Belanger Creek Ranch Book 1) is sure enough to cast a spell and pull the readers to read from page to page about an intriguing life adventure of veterinarian ‘Frank Lamonte’ working in a clinic who is suggested by her boss Dr. Williams to go on a leave of absence in order to get over from the constant reminders of the painful memories of a broken relationship with a man she was engaged to. Unwilling at first but determined to return to clinic in a few months time, Frank decides to give her depressed life a change and move on by getting a job as a hired hand for cattle in Belanger Creek Ranch. Destiny has decided to bring Frank in the life path of handsome Colt Thompson, who is already shattered emotionally by divorcing a cheating wife and is in no mood to indulge in any new romantic affair with any women.
Author Gloria Antypowich is all geared up with her flawless, captivating read to deal with the outburst of emotions in her life-like characters to show us how depression and bad experiences in relationships can confine one, not to open up and accept beautiful changes life is ready to offer.
‘The Second Time Around’ is an amazing journey through ups and downs of life, one should try their hands on and be entertained reading between the covers. This book surely deserves to be widely read. Highly recommended!

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