A Murder of Saints: A Novel

An appealing work, unexpectedly suspenseful.

With mounting suspense & overwhelming skepticism ‘A Murder of Saints’ is a dark entertaining thriller with provocative prologue encouraging a break through compelling plot.

Living with dreadful memories of sister Sophie Fields shocking death, revenge, pain and anger has turned a caring brother-little Charlie (Charlton) into an avenging, destructive attention seeking murderer back in the city after twenty years with a mission to take down all responsible for his family’s downfall. Charlton’s homicide flares up an indistinguishable battle of ideology and law for intrepid detective Harry Fletcher, who has his own depressive haunting past of church cover-ups.

Evoking emotional attachment for diverse cast of compelling characters and inducive villain, author Chris Miller impeccably manages to place well thought out flashbacks through the narrative to heighten the tension of the enthralling thriller. Genuinely impressive with a strong sense of style in the genre of mystery thriller, ‘A Murder of Saints’ does not lean on predictable standard tropes of mystery read, making itself an appealing one. This read is highly recommended to those looking for an extraordinary work of talent.




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