Black Lion (Michael Harris Novels Book 1)


An excellent read!!

Mike Harris, aka “Black Lion” and his specially trained Desert Lions (U.S Army special forces unit) have an assignment to capture Hassan Izz- Al-Din leader of Al-Qaeda and transfer Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (GITMO) for interrogation. Al -Qaida in return targets the Desert Lions and their families in united states directly. Its not long before the terrorists get their original operation on track ( a plan as a revenge for Osama Bin Ladens assassination) involving intelligence agencies and other secret operatives. it is not an easy task for desert lions to maintain defense at home and search terrorists abroad. meanwhile the barbarous El-Sahiri succeeds as the next leader and the adventure continues.
violas novel carefully handles many relationships like love affair of Mike and girlfriend Marie Johanssen and relation of Mike and his father, making the novel feel more realistic than fictional filled with unhackneyed diabolical twists and turns.
black lion is an impressive action thriller propelled by well developed characters for readers who love suspense, romance and patriotism.‘Black Lion‘ is a perfect read.

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