Entangled Souls: A Social Media Thriller


‘Hard to put down,captivating read’

Author Bettina Buechel’s thriller novel ‘Entangled Souls’ is sure to bound its readers through a captivating life story of John, who considers himself responsible for his own younger brother’s death and tries to end his life by attempting suicide but John is coincidentally saved by his young, handsome and not-to-give-up easily neighbor,a psychology student Peter, who finds John an interesting subject for his thesis and is drawn towards the misery faced by John. There is lots to discover and unravel the secrets of John’s life by Peter.
‘Entangled Souls’ is a fast-paced, well plotted, mysteriously thrilling novel touching heights of imagination with real like characters and a strong story line, satisfying the readers hunger for an entertaining and interesting read. Author uses of ‘ghostly spirits’ of John’s brother haunting John makes this novel more than a thriller.
Picking up Entangled Souls can make a perfect vacation read without a regret. Highly recommended to all and esp.to drama lovers and readers interested in stories with twists and thrills.It a must read!!

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