Everything To Lose (Gavin Shawlens Thriller #2)


A Mind boggling suspense thriller..

‘Everything To Lose’ by Author Gordon Bickerstaff is an extremely engaging, entertaining and a captivating, well plotted suspense thriller with absorbing characters which are sure to give its readers mind boggling twists and turns.
When mysteriously a top athlete disappears who has been using performance boosters claimed to change performance of every athlete in the world, a scientist from Lambeth group ‘Gavin Shawlens’ is assigned to investigate the claim and risk his own life at the exposure of this dangerous product with side-effects.
Author Gordon Bickerstaff gives his book a very fast paced start with a perfect weave of emotions, actions and mystery tying all the chapters into a connecting link without leaving any loose ends and keeping his readers on the edge of their seats guessing whats to come next, how and why?Author has very smartly used real facts and events in compiling this wonderful suspense thriller giving a close to reality feel.
I highly recommend this novel to all and esp. to all suspense thriller lovers, ready to be entertained to the core. Its a must read!

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