Gallows Field


Definitely stands out in the genre of murder thriller.

‘Gallows Field’ by author Brendan Gerad is a thrilling murder mystery that revolves around a local security officer ‘Eamon Foley’ who arrives in Tralee Ireland in 1940 when the country is over crowded by refugees who have fled to escape war in Europe. A sudden brutal murder of Eamon Foley’s brother-in-law Joe Mc Carthy in Delaney’s over crowded pub leaves Foley shocked after spotting a figure from his past who can be the suspected link to Joe’s sudden death. Foley’s confusion is further twisted and worsen by series of disturbing incidences occurring with his family. This local security officer has to come to terms with deadly consequences and reach the very core of the horrifying mysteries.
Author Brendan Gerad is naturally talented writer and thoroughly entertains his readers by using his knowledge of region and the political situation of the country of Ireland in 1940s aptly to plot an intriguing novel with life like characters, vividly describing the surroundings and situations they find themselves in, filling colors in readers imagination of the story line and making this adventurous action packed thriller a real page turner.
‘Gallows Field’ definitely stands out as an engrossing and captivating read in the genre of murder thriller and is sure to appeal to all those looking for some real action with a realistic touch. Highly recommended.

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