Murder and More: Carson Reno Mystery Series Book 14


Well plotted, surprising murder mystery thriller.

Author Gerald Darnell sure knows how to get hold of his readers and engage them through his spellbinding and engrossing mystery thriller.
‘Murder and More’ is a fiction thriller plotted and set in the times in 1960s Florida, where a suspicious wife of a successful surgeon Mrs. Ava Beaumont hires Mr. Donovan to get her hands on her cheating husband with another women but the whole scenario turns topsy turvy when suddenly the murder of Dr. Henry Beaumont lands Mrs. Ava Beaumont behind bars and she hires detective Carson Reno to take over the case and find the real murderer.
Straight forward, fast paced narration,intriguing, mind boggling twists and turns with pictures related to architecture and lifestyle pasted in the novel are very appealing and descriptive and a sheer showcase of authors artistic touch and talent in plotting a gripping page turner. Author leaves a great impact on the minds of his readers, curious and waiting to read more to come in these series.
I thoroughly enjoyed my adventure through this engaging novel by the surprises thrown in by the strong story line. I would love to read more from author Gerald Darnell and highly recommend ‘Murder and More’ to all mystery thriller lovers. This book is different and a smart choice if picked up for a relaxing vacation.

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