Sing The Blues: Carnal Desires Meets Death (Symphonie De Mort)


A collection of dark erotica with creepy unusual ends!

‘Sing The Blues: Carnal Desires Meets Death’ is an entertaining collection of eight short stories woven into an intriguing plot with intense dark creepy erotica. ‘The Breeders’,’Target Practice’, ‘Time a Wastin’, ‘Up the Fundament’, ‘Whispering Bunnies’, For the Alpha’, ‘At Death’s Door’ and ‘I Saw All’ are the topics, author Tina Collins gives her readers to indulge and showcases her talent by describing events of each story with a gripping, mysterious and bone-chilling narration beautified with great finesse and mastery over language and its nuances.
This book is a captivating read with a quality to engage readers and leave their minds boggling with thrills and mysteries skillfully crafted by author giving each story an unusual end testing the imagination of the indulged readers.
Those who cannot get along with lengthy-dragging novels, ‘Sing The Blues: Carnal Desires Meets Death’ is sure to interest and entertain them with its unique short stories with strong and appealing characters. Highly recommended for the lovers of creepy and intense erotica and mature readers.

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