A Discerning Heart


Fortune making adventure of Dim-Jim

‘A Discerning Heart’ is a fantasy adventure where author Patty Lesser takes us to a small village- Kirriemuir on the edge of the country of Gretnad. It is here where lived many simple and poor fishermen and ‘Jim’ or ‘DimJim’ (as the villagers called him) was one of them. He had no family, no friends and no luck nor was he good at fishing, his presence was often ignored by villagers. Annoyed and disappointed by the treatment received from the villagers Jim vowed to change his life for good and gain respect and make a fortune by sailing far in the ocean to ‘Devil’s Bowl’ where no human was ever considered to have ventured and planned to capture the ‘Green Tail’ (a huge fish) and prove its existence to the inhabitants of Kirriemuir and become famous and rich.
Artistically cultivating fresh twists and turns in the life of Jim, author further takes her readers to an enchanting deserted island giving her readers a whole new world to envision, full of surprises coming up Jim’s way.
This novel is a mesmerizing weave of love, ignorance adventure, power, fortune and fantasy composed into a very consuming style of narration with an easy, flawless story line.
Though ‘A Discerning Heart’ is a book capturing the very basic essence of life, it is sure to appeal to a variety of readers. I’d like to recommend this read to all and esp. to fantasy lover.

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