Odes on Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest


A heart warming homage to a universal personality.

Paying homage and showing adoration much beyond mere words can describe, author & poet David A, Bates brings out his admiration of life time through his collection of sports poetry ‘Odes on Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest’ for the worlds most renowned boxer ‘Muhammad Ali’
Ali’s shocking victory over George Foreman on a live closed circuit broadcast turned out to be the very initial inspiration for the author, compelling him to put on pages his very passionate love for the heavy weight champion.
‘Odes on Ali’ is definitely an amazing book with a unique poetic and artistic style of narration used by author and poet David depicting the very start of the career of Muhammad Ali till the very hard earned retirement, painting vivid pictures of his action in the ring and out in life.
It was from this enriching and engrossing master piece I learned, that there was much more to discover and pay gratitude to the amazing personality of Muhammad Ali other than just being a celebrity public figure which changed my perspective towards the sport of boxing and the boxer giving it an intense outlook.
This book is one of its kind which surely deserves to be widely read and enjoyed by all and esp. sports lovers and those with interest in poems with depth. Highly recommended!

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