He Counts Their Tears


An evil in disguise!

‘He Counts Their Tears’ is a psychological thriller where author Mary Ann D’Alto will unmask the face of a ‘charmer’- Aaron Stein, a successful, married MD, fertility specialist at Prestigious Harbor Hospital who is a dangerous horrifying psychopath willing to go to any extend to get his prey. He loves to play a game he calls ‘The Method’ where he has all the power over an unsuspected victim, usually beautiful shy, innocent women. He enjoys controlling her psychologically and emotionally and eventually destroying her by moving to his next victim leaving her to think she was going mad, suffering with sadness and despair.
Aron expertise’s at setting the stage for slaughter, where his victims get so vulnerable that in spite of everything Aaron does to them they would give up anything in the world to get him back in their lives. This evil, deceptive man with sadistic intentions is sure to make readers hate him from the core of their heart as author Mary Ann takes us down through the life corridors of innocent suffering and emotionally crippled women one after another.
‘He Counts Their Tears’ is a masterpiece which brings out the talent of the author by putting us right under the skin of her miserable, suffering women characters. Author does a great job in painting vivid pictures of her characters and their situations for readers to envision and live the psychological thriller. One needs to read this book with a brave heart because ‘He Counts Their Tears’ is sure to bring tears in the eyes of those who have the heart to feel the pain and the shattering of others.
Those who want to view a psychopath closely and are a fan of mystery thrillers, this flawless read is a sure recommendation for them.

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