he & She


Close to Reality!

‘He & She’ by Wayne Clark is an amazing piece of fiction with a wonderful blend of emotions, sexuality, relations, lust, love and obsession. The novel revolves around the life of a middle aged man ‘K’ or Kit cay men who is a musician who has never connected emotionally with any women during his life despite of many on and off physical relations until one day he comes across a women dominatrix while surfing net and this sparks something inside him and from that very moment his life is no longer the same as before.
The writer Wayne Clark has very well brought the emotions of explorations of sexuality and desire, in the character making his novel very realistic and exciting where readers get emotionally bonded with ‘K’.
This book is definitely more than just an enjoyable ‘time pass read’, full of depth, realities faced by characters in life. I really loved the way story has been told in a flashback style. I would like to recommend this wonderful novel to those looking for depth in life and reality.

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