The Battle Beyond


The battle of evil and good

‘The Battle Beyond’ by Diane Walker is a wonderful work of fiction with a very different but strong story line with many characters. Tom and Hannah Stevens are one of the main characters playing a very strong role, They are husband and wife and very supportive and caring for each other. The writer has given her novel a touch of political field as well.
Author Diane Walker has made her book extremely interesting and captivating by using imaginary heavenly characters like Spirits, Angels and Deimos in the story, merging them well with real looking characters of Tom, his wife Hannah, President etc. giving her book a very different and a distinctively outstanding plot. The war between good and evil and faith of one in God is well portrayed.
I would love to dedicate this book to all those who have faith in god and his blessings. It is highly recommended to all readers looking for something different and entertaining; A must read!

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