The Outlaw River Wilde: Sometimes a Man Needs to Journal


Well imagined, visualistic sci-fi!

Author Mike Walters ‘The Outlaw River Wilde’ is an interesting read in the genre of sci-fi, where we get to meet ‘Mitch Wilde’ who lives in a peaceful and lovely small town of Southern Oregon with his extremely attractive wife (this is what Mitch thinks) ‘Mabey.’ All of a sudden one day when Mitch Wilde is carrying on with his routine livelihood, while riding his bike back home a strange happening takes place with him, wherein he is shot by an arrow and before Mitch could take control of the situation the arrow mysteriously disappears. This event is considered less important and is ignored by Mitch, but when similar strange things start happening with ‘Jack’ (Mitch’s friend), they come in notice of Mabey and others present at Mitch party and give Mitch’s investigation and imagination a whole new dimension.
Author Mike Walter is sure to keep his readers engaged with unpredictable twists and turns plotted in the book with strong storyline and captivating his readers with adventures and investigations coming up in the lives of his characters.
‘The Outlaw River Wilde’ is a highly recommended read to all; with perfectly paced story woven with a perfect mix of mystery, humour, relation and adventure, giving its readers an imaginary visual. Its a must read!

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