Unfaithful Mind


 An excellent inspiring read!!

‘Unfaithful Mind’ is a well narrated heartbreaking real story or rather i would say a memoir of Marion Gibson, where she tells us about her wonderful love marriage with ‘Jack Gibson’. Her world is turned upside down all of a sudden when her ‘perfectly happy’ well going marriage is put on sudden test by her husband Jacks mental illness or ‘schizophrenia’ ruining his thoughts and trust on Marion as a good wife.
I was really shocked by reading how Jacks behavior completely changed, he was not the same man who fell in love with the writer!!
The author has so well put across her feeling, of when she had to face the kind of situations, where she had to put up with a mentally ill man. I am sure it was very painful for the author to go through this phase of life wherein her loved one was suffering so seriously, but she stood rock-hard with her husband “through sickness and in health” and she proved to be a perfect loving wife.
The author has used very simple language in her novel and certain parts where ‘what was going on in her husbands mind’ makes this book really interesting.
Marion has been a role model and real inspiration for all those who go through such situations in life. I felt really good to read that in the end all was well and the authors family didn’t fall apart.
I would highly recommend this real non fictional to all esp. those who are firm to save their relation and loved ones, no matter how many hardships they come across. Its a must read!!

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