Chronicles of Eden – Act II


About the Book

If you’re a fan of epic adventures, sexy monstergirls, or harem anime/manga, this is the series for you. Be warned that this story is for mature readers due to explicit content. I.E. “sexy monstergirls”.

Daniel and Triska have a long road ahead of them in their quest to instill peace in Eden. But with two beautiful monster girls aiding him he’s more sure now than ever that his beliefs are true, that some monsters can indeed fight their inner nature and be allies of mankind. However this is just the beginning, and things will certainly get harder from this point on. From finding new and enchanting monster girls along the way, to crossing paths with those who have a mysterious agenda, and coming face to face with a legendary Darker One itself, Daniel’s quest to bring peace and order to Eden is going to be one wild and dangerous journey.

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