Gallery Pieces: An Art Mystery


Artistic touch to Art of Mystery.

Author Larry Witham’s command over language and knowledge over his subject is inspiring and educating as he leads us on the thrilling mystery adventure of a former Navy Intelligence man- Julian Peale, who works for his love of painting in Media Studio, New York, is pulled into a sting operation carried out by FBI and NYPD to get hold of art smugglers and the stolen art work but the operation goes faulty leaving Peale with an astonishing clue giving his investigation a whole new turn.
‘Gallery Pieces: An Art Mystery’ is an intriguing action packed thriller where author takes pleasure to describe events and history of art enriching the knowledge of his readers with great finesse, painting vivid pictures of the situations characters find themselves in, blending them skillfully with his artistic imagination into a plot full of fresh fluid twists as the story unfolds.
The captivating story telling style is sure to keep one interested throughout the book with inquisitiveness to learn more till the very last page. There is definitely much more to the adventure of Peale if reveled will be considered a spoiler, so those looking for something different, entertaining and engaging in the genre of mystery thriller this master piece is the answer to their search. Highly recommended!

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