Citizen Warrior – The 4th Branch


About the Book

A holiday visit at the mall leads to a cross-country chase to stop an impending ISIS attack. At a hectic mall on Black Friday, Carter Thompson saves retired Delta Force Col. Doug Redman and his family from a vicious terrorist attack. Becoming friends they soon learn of an elderly couple who own a ranch on the Arizona/Mexico border. The couple are being terrorized and threatened by the Magdalena Cartel who controls the town of San Miguel, Mexico. Recognizing the two seniors have been abandoned by both local and federal law enforcement, they take it upon themselves to pay a visit to the Cartel in San Miguel. Their mission is to give a clear and solid message that even though the U.S. government won’t protect its citizens and border; there are citizens who will. While in San Miguel, they discover that the Magdalena Cartel has delivered dangerous and deadly material to an Islamic terrorist cell that is backed by ISIS. Further investigation reveals an impending terrorist attack on a major American city. Not trusting a politically correct federal government, Carter and Colonel Redman take it upon themselves to try and intervene on the imminent attack in a heart–pounding, cross-country chase.

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